Every girl desires to look beautiful in every season but with changes in the climatic conditions, it becomes quite difficult for some to maintain that look. And when it comes to one’s makeup look there is no such universal rule to attain it because there are many individual factors that are distinct.

With the changing season, you should try to experiment with different beauty looks instead of being stuck in one look. And there are some looks that you should avoid during some seasons.

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Here is the list of few beauty looks that you should try to avoid during this sticky humid weather:

1. The Kohl Kajal look

The Kohl Kajal lookImage Source: fotosik

Black Kohl smudged eyes look great when they are artfully created by the makeup artist but they are trouble during the humid weather. This makeup look works best around the year but it’s apt during this sticky climate. Instead of this try to use waterproof liners or try to avoid eyeliners entirely.

2. Damp foundations

Damp foundationsimage souurce:

To get a perfect makeup look try to avoid liquid foundations as it will melt down during this damp weather. Try to use some light cosmetics like BB cream, matte or oil free foundations for your base. Use the oil-free foundation for the base will give a perfect finishing and oil free look on your face.

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3. Avoid cream based concealers

Avoid cream based concealersImage Source: inbeautyland

The cream based concealer that you use to hide your pimples and dark circles will fade away in this humid weather because of excess sweat. And if you want that makeup look to stay for longer then, hop on to crayons.

4. Straight hairs

Straight-hairsImage Source: shemazing

Many girls try to straighten their hair for amazing makeup look but during this humid weather it makes your hair more frizzy and sticky which makes your overall look a mess. Try to style your hair in a natural way and avoid this rainy mess.

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5. Never try bangs

Never try bangsImage Source: ytimg

Bangs in such humid weather is a very bad idea. Try to avoid this makeup look because in this look half of your face is covered with your hair which don’t let your skin to breathe and causes various skin problems.

6. Avoid mascara

Avoid-mascaraImage Source: facefitnesscenter

To get a perfect makeup look try to use waterproof mascara during this humid weather. Because no one wants to have a runny mascara on their face.

So, these were a few makeup looks that you should avoid during this humid weather.


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