Beauty hacks save our lives many times when we need them the most. Summer is the most loved season but as it arrives it comes with its own set of problems like sweaty skin because of scorching heat which later causes clogged pores and pimples. And to add more problems to our skin, pollution makes an entry with lots of dust and smoke which makes our skin more worse. So, before the dust and pollution knock you down try these beauty hacks to save your flawless and beautiful skin from further damage.

Here is the list of beauty hacks that every girl should try in 2017:

1. Regular Exfoliate

Regular ExfoliateImage Source: zakupka

Regular scrubbing helps a lot maintain a beautiful and zit free skin. So, try to invest in a good exfoliating product that not only cleanses your skin but also refreshes it. A very important beauty hack that every girl should remember.

2. Don’t forget the mask

Don't forget the maskImage Source: jakartavenue

This beauty hack is like a perfect beauty spa at home. To make your tired and dull skin glowing and fresh just massage your skin for a while and let the mask sit on your skin 15 minutes and see the wonder of this treatment.

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3. Apply moisturiser

Apply moisturiserImage Source: picdn

Applying moisturizer is a great thing for keeping your skin hydrated and moist. But does your moisturizer consist of dual repair properties? To keep your skin in a good state, try to purchase a moisturizer which not only protects your skin but also repairs its dryness.

4. Three in one colour corrector

Three in one colour correctorImage Source: thedailyvogue

This is beauty hack that every girl should know. Colour corrector is a thing that every girl needs to get a perfect complexion on her face. But it’s so time-consuming that most of the ladies skip it. But now there is a product available for them i.e. 3 in 1 colour corrector which they can apply with a stroke of the makeup brush.

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5. Cold Wax strips

Cold Wax stripsImage Source: images-amazon

Are you also tired of going to parlour every month to get of rid of those messed hair on your skin? Well, this beauty hack is surely gonna help you. There is an alternate for your painful waxing treatment that you can easily do at home i.e. Veet cold wax strips which help you get rid of even the smallest hair on your skin.

6. Purple hint primer

Purple hint primerImage Source: blogspot

This beauty hack like wonder for many girls as it will help you to skip the foundation in your makeup. Yes, you heard it right. In market, primer is available in different colours from basic white to purple. And purple suits the best for Indian skin and this will also help to cover the imperfections on your face.

So, these were the few beauty hacks that every girl should know and try to unlock the prettier her.

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