Steaming is not only confined to a cough and cold days, where you sit down covering your head with a towel. Yes, it sure does wonders for your clogged nose and cold. But there are many things more to steaming than just using it as a home remedy to clear cold.

But there is an only hand full of people who are well-versed with the beauty benefits of steaming. Many Hollywood actresses known for their flawless skin, like Jennifer Aniston and Miranda Kerr opt for a steam facial at home for clarifying their skin.

You can add some aromatherapy oils or green tea to make steaming a bit stress relieving as well. But you should be very careful during the process. Don’t burn your skin. If you feel a burning sensation on your skin, keep your face a bit farther from the steam. Don’t expose your face to the steam for long. Use a proper facial steamer to get the steam facial.

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1. It Cleanses Your Pores Thoroughly
There’s no other remedy to clean up your pores better than the steam facial itself. It washes away all the dirt and stimulates blood circulation in your skin. You can take steam for 10 minutes after washing your face. You can do this twice a week if you have oily skin.

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2. Gets Rid of Blackheads
Suffering from pesky blackheads? No need to use blackhead pluckers to get rid of blackheads. Steam dilates your skin pores. It softens the sebum accumulated in your skin pores and makes it easier to get rid of the blackheads. Take some steam for 10 minutes and then use a clean and soft tissue to wipe off these blackheads. After squeezing your blackheads, wipe it away using a skin toner.

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3. It Detoxifies Your Skin
Steaming removes the toxins from your skin pores in the form of sweat. Even if you’re not suffering from blackheads or acne, you should steam at least once a week to get rid of toxins.

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4. Radiant Skin
You will see that women who take steam on regular basis have glowing and radiant skin. The better blood circulations add a natural shine to your face. If you have sensitive skin, you should stay away from steam. If not, then you can use chamomile tea, rose, calendula, fennel to make steam more beneficial.

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5. Several Health Benefits
Steaming is not only good for your skin. But it also benefits your health in several ways. If you have chronic breathing problems like asthma or sinus, then steam can be really beneficial for you. It releases the toxins from the body and increases the level of oxygen in the body.

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