Avocado oil is a wonder oil which works like magic for your skin and hair. This oil is loaded with essential vitamins like B and E, antioxidants, fatty acids which can help in naturally transforming the state of your skin and hair. There are various ways through which you can include this amazing oil in your regular beauty regime. And if you are still not aware of this oil then you need to check out these benefits of avocado oil for skin and hair.


1. Moisturizes your skin

Moisturizes your skinImage Source:  womenshealthsa

Skin which lacks moisture tends to look lifeless and dull whereas a well-hydrated skin looks soft and fresh. And this the time when avocado oil can come in use as it provides the much moisture to your skin and prevents dryness and dullness.

2. Treats irritated skin

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Avocado oil can effectively treat irritated skin as it combats inflammation. And people who are suffering from the skin conditions like eczema can use this oil to get quick relief from inflammation and irritation caused by it.

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3. Makes your skin soft

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Avocado oil contains a high amount of vitamin E and works like magic on your skin. You can use this oil to naturally improve the state of your skin by making it supple and soft. All you need is to mix few drops of avocado oil with your regular cream to get smooth skin.

4. Treats breakouts and acne

Treats breakouts and acneImage Source:  goseechristy

It contains anti-inflammatory properties which makes it the best option for treating acne and breakouts naturally. You just need to apply avocado oil regularly on your skin to combat the infection-causing bacteria. Thus, reducing the chances of breakouts.

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5. Removes dirt from the skin

Removes dirt from the skinImage Source:  rickys

Avocado oil is full of antioxidants which makes it can best remedy for removing impurities and dirt from the skin because it gets easily absorbed in the skin and removes all the impurities that damage your skin. For clean and beautiful skin just add few drops of this oil to your regular scrub.


1. Treats damaged hair

Treats damaged hairImage Source:  femina

Avocado oil is loaded with vital vitamins and minerals like vitamin E and B which can help in treating your damaged hair caused by styling tools or pollution. This simple oil can naturally restore the health of your hair.

2. Boosts hair growth

Boosts hair growthImage Source:  butterflyworldproject

Avocado oil helps in improving the blood flow to the hair follicles which further helps in boosting the hair growth process. Just combine few drops of avocado oil with olive oil or amla oil before applying it to your mane.

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3. Makes your hair strong from the roots

Makes your hair strong from the rootsImage Source:  beautyandthedirt

If you have weak hair, then there are chances that your hair will break more. So, to avoid breakage of hair,  regularly apply avocado oil to your mane as it will strengthen your hair from the roots and will also prevent breakage.

4. Improves the texture of your hair

Improves the texture of your hairImage Source:  shopandgo

Avocado oil is loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids which can effectively help in improving the texture of your hair. It is the best option for the people who have brittle and rough hair. All you need is to apply avocado oil on a weekly basis with the coconut oil to naturally improve the state of your hair.

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5. Adds natural lustre to your hair

Adds natural lustre to your hairImage Source:  makeupandbeauty

This is another benefit of this amazing oil. It can also add natural shine to your hair by providing the needed hydration and moisture to your scalp which helps in making your tresses appear glossy and healthy.

So, these were the few benefits of avocado oil for skin and hair.

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