Oily skin is an extreme skin type and people who have this skin type know what are the troubles associated with it. This skin type produces an excess amount of oil and sebum when something is applied. And at the end of the day, the face looks greasy, dull and dirty. And in some cases, face wash is the only remedy left for the people with this extreme skin type.

There are a lot of skin treatments through which, this issue can be resolved in the right way. And the first one is moisturization. Many people think that an oily skin doesn’t need any prior moisturization but they are wrong. This is required for both men and women, if you have a greasy skin then apply moisturizers as it is the first treatment to solve your oily skin problem.

But the ideal moisturizer for the sticky skin, must contain the ingredients that can retain moisture to your skin. So, keeping this in mind we shared two homemade moisturizer recipes that you can prepare at home.

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Recipe 1

Amazing-DIY-Moisturizers-for-Oily-Skin-1image source: vkool

Ingredients needed:

• Rosewater
• Rose petals- 1 cup

How to prepare:

• In a pan boil one glass of water.
• In the boiling water, add rose petals and let it boil for 45 minutes.
• Don’t forget to keep the flame on low.
• After that, turn off the flame and pour 10 drops of rose water in the mixture.
• Now, let the mixture cool.
• Then, strain the mixture and your moisturizer is ready.

This moisturizer is very watery so you need to use a cotton ball to apply it on your skin.

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Recipe 2

Amazing-DIY-Moisturizers-for-Oily-Skin-2image source: biggiesboxers

Ingredients needed:

• Raw milk -1/2 cup
• Extra virgin olive oil- 2 or 3 tablespoons

How to prepare:

• First, take a bowl and mix milk and oil.
• You need to mix it for at least 15 minutes.
• Keep doing this till the oil gets dissolved completely.
• Once it is mixed nicely your moisturizer is ready.

You can apply this moisturizer at night or after taking bath when your skin is damp.


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