Finding the best application tips that will suit your face shape can indeed be a tedious task! I never wore blush on my face for longer time coz I absolutely had no idea of what will suit my face……that was actually very annoying! So, I scoured the Internet for hours and came across these fabulous tricks that will match your face shape just perfectly…, are you guys ready to face out what application will suit you best? Here you go……just take a look at this blog and realize the awe-inspiring changes in your beauty regime……read on!

For the Beauties having Round Face!

So, it’s the hardest to find suitable makeup for round shaped beauties. Hence, it’s very important to know that you gotta slenderize your face! Apply blush on the sides along the cheekbones to give illusion of having thinner cheeks.

Oval Face Shape!!

This is what I have….although it’s considered to be one of the best possible shapes, the makeup tricks are hard. It’s time to use your fingertips, locate the high up part of your face! Blend it upwards to highlight your cheeks.

Square Face!

You need to soften the edges to make your face look softer. And the blush application is really easy to do. Just accentuate the apple of your cheeks and blend it evenly. Dab a bit of blush on forehead and chin to make an “oh-so-gorgeous” effect!

Diamond Shaped Face…

Triangular or diamond, these two face shapes are quite similar! And the blush is all about drawing attention away from your forehead to the best features of your face. Dab some cotton in a skin toned blush and smudge it along your cheekbones.

So dearies; there you have it….all of the tips that really worked well for me and my friends. Try them yourself and let me know whether you enjoyed it or not! Have fun.

Cloth Beauty