Most of the time we see our Bollywood celebrities in amazing looks without any makeup with designed outfits. But they don’t wake up looking perfect and fabulous, Bollywood celebrities have their own cheat sheet.

Through this article, we are going to discuss the tricks Bollywood celebrity uses while doing their makeup.

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1- Always fill your brows

Always fill your browsImage Source: h-cdn

Eyebrows are the important parts of your face. YES! Believe it, try to never leave your home without filling it. Remember one thing that never use a black powder/pencil to fill it, always stick to using shades of brown for better results.

2- Make those tear ducts pop

Make those tear ducts popImage Source: glamour

Always try to use a highlighter or if you want, you can use neutral gold eyeshadow in the inner corner of eyes. It will help you to look fresh face and make your eyes bigger in look.

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3- Nude Kohl

Nude KohlImage Source: twimg

If you want that your eyes look better and bigger, then always use nude pencil instead of black one. Line lower lashes with whichever color you want.

4- Curl your eyelashes

Curl your eyelashesImage Source: makeupgeek

If you want to skip the mascara, try to curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. You will look like you have awesome lashes.

If you want that your curl stays last long then warm your eyelash curler by using the hairdryer.

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5- Always apply primer

Always apply primerImage Source: extrabeautycare

If you want that your makeup lasts long then, make primer your best friend. Consider that apply primer where you get too much oil.

6- Blend properly

Blend properlyImage Source: tipsntutorialpro

For better result always try to blend products till it looks seamless. Whether it’s foundation, bronzer, concealer or eyeshadow. Never apply too much product at one time. Always try to blend in a circular motion.

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7- Matte instead of shimmer

Matte instead of shimmerImage Source: ytimg

The matte look is always better than a shimmer one. Whether it’s for night or day. If you Love a dewy finish then apply highlighter on the high points of face after you are done with makeup.

8- Moisturizer with Foundation

Moisturizer with FoundationImage Source: girlscosmo

For looking flawless, try to apply the mixture of foundation and moisturizer. By doing this, you look amazing and it will help you to hide your tiredness as well.

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