In most of the movies nowadays intimate scenes are common. But for the Bollywood celebs who pull off such bold scenes, it becomes twitchy.

Let’s have a look what Bollywood celebs want to reveal about their shoot of intimate scenes:

1. Radhika Apte

Radhika-ApteImage Source: com

Radhika opened up about her character which she played in the critically acclaimed movie Parched. The plot of the movie was based on the life of three village women. And before it’s release one particular sex scene was leaked, on which Radhika revealed a very funny story about it: During the shoot, Adil Hussain kept cracking jokes with entire team which made this shoot really easy.

2. Deepika Padukone

Deepika-Padukone1Image Source: blogspot

This Bollywood celeb has been questioned many times how she was able to pull intimate scenes with her ex.Whether it was ok with her? Well, as we all know that Deepika and Ranbir were in a serious relationship and later they broke off. Still, this couple shares an amazing chemistry and understanding. During an interview, Deepika stated she was comfortable shooting intimate scenes with Ranbir and she didn’t feel odd.

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3. Ranveer Singh

Ranveer-SinghImage Source: cinestaan

Befikre is a movie that made a buzz in media for its bold scenes which was too much to bear for a normal audience with a poor story line hit the screens and when Ranveer was questioned about shooting those intimate scenes he said, “ In the movie Befikre the kissing scene was normal just like a hug. The main reason behind these scenes was to showcase that if you love someone to show it with a kiss and be carefree.

4. Jacqueline Fernandez and Varun Dhawan

Jacqueline-Fernandez-and-Varun-DhawanImage Source: ytimg

Both of the Bollywood celebs had to shoot a strange kissing scene for the movie Dishoom where Varun was hanging upside down and Jacqueline had to kiss him. During an interview, Varun said: “it was a difficult scene as it took many retakes and Jacqueline said: “ It was difficult as Varun was hanging upside down with blood running down from his head.”

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5. Zarine Khan

Zarine-KhanImage Source: viralclass

This Bollywood celeb opened about her motivation that helped her to pull off such intimate role in the movie Hate Story 3. You will be amazed to know that Zarine’s mother convinced and motivated her to play that bold avatar role in the movie which she revealed during an interview.

6. Sayani Gupta

Sayani-GuptaImage Source: lesbianmedia

This Bollywood celeb played the role of a lesbian in the critically acclaimed movie Margarita with a straw. Sayani during an interview with Mumbai Mirror opened up about her experience of shooting an intimate scene saying “ Kalki and I both need to join an intimacy workshop in New York to understand the give and take equation. And we both had to come on terms to shoot this scene.”


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