So you have finally managed to don the hottest trend, yes I am talking about acrylic nails. They have been mainly invented for those who could not grow longer nails for some odd reasons. Well that is not a talking point for today. Today I am going to discuss with you the caring tips for the artificial nails so that you can ensure enjoying them as long as possible. Try these tips and make your lovely hands look attractive, you never know your prince charming might come and kiss them 🙂

Here are few tips that you must consider if you have planted them or are planning…

  • What is the Suitable Length?

This is the first tip that you must consider – the suitable length. Long nails definitely look great but keeping your lifestyle and the tasks in mind, it becomes difficult to manage them and the result? They begin breaking easily! Besides, acrylic nails are expensive and visiting salon every other day can become too difficult! So pick up the desired length so that you can avoid any trouble.

  • Have you Started Wearing Gloves?

When you wash dishes and do other work then it would be advisable that you wear rubber gloves. This has many advantages – you can prevent your hands from drying, you can keep your nails from breaking and also water won’t be able to loosen them! Wow isn’t this simple and amazing!

  • Dry Thoroughly once you are Done!!

Once you are done with the work, make sure you dry your hands and nails properly, this is important so that you can keep your nails away from bacteria breeding and other infections. I am sure you won’t like your nails catching infection?

  • Immediate Fixing is Mandatory!

Accidents do happen knowingly or unknowingly, so if you have broken one or two nails then do not wait for your salary to come and immediately visit a salon and fix it up. This will help you avoid infections and also make you hands look good!

  • Acetone Free Remover!!

You might also be tempted to try different nail shades and so for that you must avoid using an acetone containing remover. Why? Because it can dissolve your nails and I bet this is what you don’t want to enjoy!

Acrylic nails are fantastic and to enjoy them for long, you need to keep these things in mind.  Save money easily! 

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