You must be a handful of such friends who always have their fingers in their mouth? Or are you the one among them? You must have thought what harm this insignificant habit can bring to you? But let me tell you, this habit brings you more harm than you’ve ever imagined.

Do You Know Why People Chew Nails?
This happens due to an oral compulsive habit called Onychophagy which includes biting the nails and chewing them. This habit usually catches hold of you when you’re a child. Some people might overcome this uncanny habit but sometimes, it even continues up to your adolescence.

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It not only de-shapes your hand but also has a terrible impact on your digestive system.
Not only this, some people even bites off their skin around the nails. In fact, there’s a medical term for this condition. It is called Dermatophagia. This is usually linked to anxiety and nervousness. People sometimes chew their nails and skin when they are worried about something.

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What Harm Can It Do To You?
Biting your nails and the skin around it can cause more damage you’ve ever known. It can cause open wounds, which simply means deadly infections. Not only this, the bacteria in your saliva can get into your blood through these open wounds. You can also go through severe nerve damage!

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How will you feel if you come to know that the marks caused by nails and skin biting are permanent? I bet, you won’t like those permanent scars. And what’s the worse? They are permanent! So if you’re suffering from this compulsive habit, consult a doctor or try your level best to quit it as soon as possible!

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