Did you know, bra sizing can vary due to…

  1. Body shape
  2. Breast Shape
  3. Fabric

Believe it or not, approx 50% of females wear incorrectly sized bra! Most women wear a bra too small in the cups and too large in the back or vice versa. Although sizing can vary slightly according to brands, fabrics and styles, following an accurate measurement system can help you find your accurate size and flaunt your shape in right pair.

#1 Choose Right Bra according to your Body shape!

Oh gal! You have a round bottom, and a fuller bosom. Lucky, aren’t you? The kind of body women envy and men love. But, trying to make them look a size smaller can be a tough task. Women with big breast should opt for bras with demi-cups, underwired and broad straps for proper support and comfort.


You must know what a blessing those padded bras are. Women having a small bust are the luckiest as they have many options to pick from- kinky or functional. They can go for padded bras with plunging neckline, which give instant cleavage. Triangle shaped cups can also make small bust look fuller.


You ladies are probably the luckiest. You can choose an underwired normal bra if you want to get your regular size and go for padded one to make your size look fuller. From lace and satin to fun and kinky bras in velvet, average sized women have many options to choose.

#2. Choose Right Bra according to your Breast shape!

Fuller & Firm:

Full coverage bras can help you support your breast tissue. While the demi cups push the breast tissue up high on the chest area, the full coverage bra contains it and offers a smooth silhouette

Wideset: .

For wide set breasts, go for the bras with supportive, sturdy side wings that gather breast tissues and move them towards the cup for more center, front and secure fit. For average to small size breasts, opt for a push-up bra or plunge bra .

Close Set:

Bra which separates and encapsulates will help to get rid of uni-boob look. Go for molded cup bras that offer a wide center gore, thereby allowing each bust to fill separate cups. Don’t opt for push-up styles as they bring the breasts closer together.


Uneven breasts means the breasts are not in equal size. If there is a slight size difference, then go for stretch cup bras, which contour breast shape or the molded cups meant for larger size (as they cover up the difference).

#3 Fabric
Most of the bras are made up of flexible materials, such as spandex and Lycra. Eventually, with normal wear, these kind of bras will stretch out. It is always recommendable to buy a bra that fits best when it is latched at the possible widest position. Also, it is good to be on the very last hook so that if the bra stretches, it can be tightened. Bras which are mostly cotton become heavy with perspiration. Thus, look for fabric that has moisture-wicking properties.

I am sure your bra hunting journey ends here! Right size or almost right size, small or big, sagging or perky, breasts are beautiful. I just love mine the way they are! Li’l TLC is all what’s needed to keep ’em healthy and happy. Stay beautiful! 🙂 🙂

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