When you first think of oil cleansing most of the people might get a little skeptical thinking about it. I mean who would be totally cool with the idea of slathering their face with oils? Especially oily skinned people would rather cringe at the thought of it. But one thing that we all want is a clear skin, free from all the impurities and imperfections.

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But whenever someone come across this idea of oil cleansing, a lot of questions pop up in their head. Today in this article I am going to discuss some questions and dilemmas associated with the oil cleansing method.

How does it work?
Without any relevance to your skin type, the cleansing oil gets mixed with the natural oils on your skin. the pre-existing oil on the skin can be sebum or any oily residue from the products you use. These oils get mixed with each other and when you wash your face the bad oil along with the good oil and the dirt gets washed away.

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When the cleaning oil is massaged onto the skin the impurities on the skin gets muddled with the cleansing oil and are removed when you wash your face leaving your skin clean, hydrated and soft. The cleansing oil does not enter your pores and thus there are no chances of having clogged pores with the regular use of the same.

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Why are cleansing oils better than other regular cleansers?
Most of the oil free cleansers deprive our skin of the natural oils causing an imbalance in the skin by making it dry. To rebalance it, your skin starts to produce even more oil and this leads to an oily skin. this way your skin becomes more problematic. The oil cleansers, on the other hand, maintain the pH level of the skin thus preventing over-secretion of oil. Plus, these oils are also enriched with natural anti-bacterial properties which are a plus too.

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It has natural anti-aging ingredients and antioxidants
There are several combinations/formulations which are enriched with active ingredients or other ingredients which work on a specific skin concern- such as skin dullness, dryness, anti-aging or acne. You can always choose the one that suits your skin type. Based on the oil you select the oil may contain a mix of botanical oils (sunflower, almond, olive, grapeseed, etc).

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Is it safe to use on oily skin/acne prone skin?
The one question that arises in the mind of everyone is if it will make their skin oilier and more prone to acne? The answer to this question is that each skin type has to use a cleansing oil specially formulated for them. people with sensitive and acne prone skin have to be very cautious of the one they use. Cleansers which are prepared with non-pore clogging oils are the perfect ones to use, such as silicone or glycerine.

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