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ColorBar is one of the leading brands of cosmetics, which has left a very good impression on today’s Indian woman through its vibrant range of beauty products. ColorBar Radiant White UV Fairness Compact Powder is a face compact which offers perfectly glowing and radiant finish while combating signs of aging too. This compact includes SPF 15 and the best part is that it is available in 5 different shades to suit each and every skin type.

Its super smooth, light-weight and ultra-fine formula contains Vitamin C for noticeable whitening & fairness and Vitamin E for anti-ageing and nourishment. ColorBar Radiant White UV Fairness Compact Powder is an essential product which you can add it to your everyday beauty care regimen.

Price – INR 250

My Experience with Colorbar Radiant White UV Fairness Compact Powder!

You know what; I have some kind of resentment towards my face whenever I look it into the mirror… Wouldn’t it be amazing if my fatty nose was a bit sleek? How would I appear if my cheeks were lil compressed? And if my lips were more plump? Hours and hours pass over lingering in this abhorrence… But unfortunately, I can’t change it…but yes, one thing which I can do is camouflage my skin imperfections and for this I trust ColorBar range… ColorBar foundation, ColorBar face compact, ColorBar kajal, eyeliner, eye shadow and this list goes on…Colorbar Radiant White UV Fairness Compact Powder is one such product which helps me to get clear, radiant and youthful skin when I apply it over my foundation.

This compact powder is a true match to the complexion of my skin. It is so very light that it gives a sense of having applied nothing onto my face and still, it lives up to its claim of being a fairness face compact as it brightens up my face on application. Obviously it won’t turn you in a snow white, but yes, you will appear more bright and light after applying it.

Another good point is its price, which is quite reasonable. Its applicator is actually puff-based, not scratchy at all and is quite soft to feel. The quantity of compact applied per application is comparatively less.

Photos and Swatches!


Points I Truly Liked about This Product!

  • Provides perfect radiance to your face, making it more light and bright.
  • It is very lightweight and effects can be visible for 3-4 hours with no touch-ups.
  • The puff provided for the application purpose is quite soft
  •  It prevents sweating… finally I got a relief from oily T-zone seen.
  • It includes SPF 15, that means you are sun safe
  • Gives a smooth matte touch to your face.
  • You have 5 shades to pick from…
  • Classic, decent and sturdy packaging.

Points I Didn’t Like about This Product!

  • If you have deep-sheathed skin mark, then you have to apply concealer along with this compact to conceal the mark.
  • Since its plastic container is in white color, I have to clean it every so often to prevent ugly marks and scratches.

I guess that’s it… overall the product is so good that a few cons can be easily neglected … J

What I have to say in the end is…

This product is a perfect bet for all those who want a light, effective and affordable face compact. Sometimes I feel like this product is specifically meant for me and it says to me like “I am all for your skin lady… I am going to make your skin shine like a start”… So definitely I am gonna but it again!

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