According to many people kissing is an expression to show love towards someone but there are a hell lot of things about it like searches, world records and even studies. Sounds insane but it’s true. In this article, you would read some facts about kissing that no one has thought of till now.

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Here is the list of some crazy facts about kissing which I bet no one knows:

1. Good for health

Good for healthImage Source: mylife

This sounds crazy but it’s true. Kissing helps in maintaining a good health by improving your immune system, soothes your aches and even helps to burn three to four calories per minute.

2. Also, have world record holders

Also, have world record holdersImage Source: adweek

We all heard of several world records but have you ever heard about a world record in kissing. Yes, there is a couple who actually recorded themselves in Guinness Book Of World Record for kissing. Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat from Thailand made this record by kissing for 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds.

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3. Can make your career too

Can make your career tooImage Source: ytimg

Yes, it can actually make your career. If someone wants to study the kissing in depths then they can pursue with Philematology which is a study and was introduced in the 19th century.

4. For how long you can kiss

For how long you can kissImage Source: onedio

Yes, even this is calculated. According to a study, an average person can kiss for 20,160 minutes in a lifetime.

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5. Make your muscles work

Make your muscles workImage Source: pinimg

Most of us think that kissing is just moving lips. But it’s more than that. It makes your 146 muscles coordinate which includes facial and postural muscles. None of us would have thought about this so deep.

6. Has a big research on it

Has a big research on itImage Source: wordpress

According to a German research held by Onur Güntürkün concludes after seeing 224 couples that 2/3 of the people tilted their heads towards their right while kissing. It means people who tilt their heads towards left, belong to the minority.

So, these were a few crazy facts about kissing. And I’m sure you would be laughing out loud after knowing these facts that this can happen too.

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