The new year is almost here and I’m sure that you must have started planning for the eve. But do you guys ever wondered what people around the world do on New Year’s Eve? Well, you will be amazed to know about the crazy traditions that people follow around the world. So, keeping the new year spirits high we have listed some unique and crazy new year traditions around the world.

1. Roaming with an empty suitcase- COLOMBIA

Strange-New-Year-Traditions-Around-the-World-1Image Source: mumwearefine

In Colombia, it is a tradition to roam with an empty suitcase. People here believe that walking around with an empty suitcase ensures that one will travel more in the next year.

2. Throwing a bucket of water- PUERTO RICO

Strange-New-Year-Traditions-Around-the-World-2Image Source: gobeyond

Like everyone people of Puerto Rico also want to start the year on a good note. And the best way is to do this is to ward off all the negative things around. As the clock struck 12, people in Puerto Rico throw a bucket of water outside their window to cleanse their house.

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3. Smashing plates at midnight- DENMARK

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It is quirky Danish tradition where people smash crockery on the neighbour’s door at midnight. It may sound annoying but according to the beliefs of Danish people, more broken plates means a large number of loyal family and friends.

4. Popping 12 grapes- SPAIN

Strange-New-Year-Traditions-Around-the-World-4Image Source: npr

People in Spain believe that popping 12 grapes in one go means good luck and each grape signify the 12 months. Sounds easy! But there is a catch. As the midnight bell struck one has to consume all the grapes with a small mouth. And if you succeed you will be blessed with good luck.

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5. Wearing yellow underwear- VENEZUELA

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Every person wants to start their new year in a comfortable and sexy way. Well, people in Venezuela believe the same. People in Venezuela wear yellow underwear on new year’s as they have a belief that this thing guarantees a year of good luck.

6. Dropping ice-cream- SWITZERLAND

Strange-New-Year-Traditions-Around-the-World-6Image Source: cloudfront

Sounds weird but it’s true. People in Switzerland drop ice-cream on the floor to celebrate New year’s eve just to bring in abundance of ice-cream for the next year.

So, these were the few crazy New Year traditions around the world.

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