This is not a hidden fact that we pay the least attention to our feet in summers specially. The harmful UV rays of the sun affect your feet the most, as you keep other parts of your body well protected and covered while stepping out. But the one part the suffers are your feet, which we plan to flaunt all summer, but the tanning and the sunburns don’t really let that happen.

As we all know the harmful effects that the scorching summer sun can do to our skin are premature aging, pigmentation, skin cancer, sunburn, tanning and wrinkles. While we can easily blame it on the heat, but it is actually our forgetfulness or ignorance that leads to a tanned and damaged skin. The most ignored body part is our feet, so you must start to take good care before they start to look lifeless and ugly.

For getting beautiful and flawless feet, you can use these tips to heal your cracked heels and removing tan as well.

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1. Did You Exfoliate Much?

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Exfoliation is the key to happier feet! Yes, girls! this is true, just like your face and hands, your feet need some extra care too. And nothing is better than an exfoliation process to make your happy feet a little smoother and softer.

Investing in a good scrub, especially in summers, is the next best thing that you can do for your feet, after getting them some beautiful and comfortable fashionable heels or sandals. Another way of exfoliating the dead skin is rubbing off your feet with a pumice stone while taking a bath.

2. Follow the ‘Live And Let Live’ Rule

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Applying this rule to your foot care is essential, ladies! You need to stop coating layers and layers of those shiny nail paints because your nails need to ‘breathe’ too.

We are not asking you to apply nail color altogether but you can just skip that session when you decide to stay in for a while.

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3. Befriend Your Parlor Waali Didi!

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Your parlor waali didi must be blunt or must offer you tempting deals, that you just cannot deny, but end up with a hole in your pocket at last. And you swear by to never step another foot there, ever again.

But ladies, we would rather suggest you befriend her and get those regular pedicures started, if you want to remove tan and sun damage from your feet soon. Though, you might need to resist her tempting offers!

4. Or The Better Way Is To Try The ‘Home Way’

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Nothing could possibly work better than the home remedies, and the natural care they provide to your skin and body! no matter expensive or good brand of a product is, that you recently bought from the store, the one thing that you cannot change about it that it also contains chemicals, that are harmful to your skin for the coming years.

Instead, save your time and money, and grab one of those useful kitchen ingredients and get started with them. They make the best packs or scrubs and always gives you the effective and desired results.

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5. Have You Been Moisturizing Them Well?

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We have been telling you this for a while now, that moisturizing your skin is a necessary step towards a healthy and beautiful skin. And that includes applying a suitable moisturizer on your feet as well. after every pedicure and exfoliation session, don’t forget to moisturize your feet using a nourishing moisturizer.

The best way to get soft and bright feet is to wash your feet first and then apply a generous amount of moisturizer before slipping into your bed.

6. Get That Sunscreen For The Rescue

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An essential step in skin care for your feet is to always keep your feet protected from the sun. you must always keep those pretty ones coated with a good amount of a good sunscreen, with at least 50 SPF value. And this advice is for the rest of your skin as well.

Keep a good sunscreen handy at all times. Whenever you feel like your skin is getting dry, you just take a small amount of that sunscreen of yours and apply it thoroughly on the affected area.

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Now get those happy feet going and flaunt your funky fashion statement strappy sandals or heels with on goddess-like feet.

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