You love the tomboy look and being the one does not mean that you cannot try make-up, I know u hate plastering colours on your face but that should not prevent you from trying a neutral and earthy look. You never know you can discover an all new look for that matter. So what say gals, are you up for the suggestions? No matter how much hatred you have for make-up, these tips will encourage you to dare for once 😉

Take a look and I am sure you would not stop appreciating me….

  • Go for Natural Colours…

I know you hate the idea of applying colours and in the beginning you do not want to try some, mainly pinks (this is the colour that separates you from other gals). But who is asking you to put on lot many either? Just go with natural and earthy colours and maintain the decency. Choose what goes naturally with your skin tone….

  • Small Bit of Eyeliner is Good…

A bit of black liner will help you come out of that rigid look. And I know you are not much friendly with the liquid ones, so try pencil liners instead. And if you can dare too much, put on some coloured liner, yes you go the hint 🙂

  • You Like the Colour? Go with it!

When you are opting for colours for eyeliners and mascaras, try and go with those you like as this will help you adjust with them better. But find the colour that you are actually going to wear and your half battle is won!

  • Little Mascara for those Notorious Eyes!

Mascara can help your eyes stand out and thus you can don a bolder look without doing much. Liner too is fine, but if you can manage to put on some then I would appreciate you for sure. If you don’t know how to apply then ask your girly friends, I hope you have at least one 🙂

  • No to Glitter and Powders!!

Applying the face powders and glitter require lot of patience and talent, so you must stay away from them if you do not want to ruin your first encounter with make-up.

See I told you, you don’t have to be all girly to learn this. These tricks are quick and easy, so bring them in and see the changes.

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