Many nutritionists and dieticians insist on including dry fruits in your everyday diet. Because they contain all the essential nutrition that your body requires functioning properly and stay healthy.

But, not just health and body functioning, dry fruits are greatly effective for getting a beautiful skin and hair as well. in this article, you will read about health benefits of the 5 major dry fruits that we must include in our diet.

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Here is a list of those 5 dry fruits that has amazing health benefits for your body.

1. Cashew Nuts

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Cashew nuts are great for controlling blood sugar, cholesterol level, blood pressure and it also effectively prevents migraines. They also help in preventing early aging and nourishes your cracked heels as well.

Although, many people believe that cashews only make you gain weight because they contain high content of fats. But, this is not true! Instead, when consumed in moderation, cashews actually help you lose weight.

2. Almonds

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Almonds are packed with many nutritional values that help our body to improve the blood circulation and increase hemoglobin in our body. Also, they help in preventing breast and lung cancer.

The high protein, fibre and fatty acids content make them a great ingredient to get a radiant and flawless skin. Applying the mixture of soaked almonds and milk can help you get the beautiful and acne-free skin. And also, you can apply almonds oil to get strong and lustrous hair.

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3. Pistachios

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Pistachios are rich in vitamin E, that helps protect your skin from various skin ailments like skin cancer, premature aging and protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Being the powerhouse of many nutrients, it also helps keep your skin smooth and supple.

Other health benefits include controlled blood sugar, preventing heart diseases, improves digestion and they also provide fibers and proteins to your body.

4. Raisins

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Eating a handful of raisins everyday will prevent your teeth from getting decays and cavities. Raisins are enriched with vitamin A that helps solve your vision related problems.

They also improves blood circulation and slows down the skin aging process, because they contain potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron and many antioxidants.

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5. Walnuts

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It is well-known that walnuts are the richest of all dry fruits, and that is why it is called as the Brain Fruit. It is full of many nutrition, good fats and an abundance amount of Omega 3 that helps you get a nourished skin and promotes cardiovascular health.

Walnuts are also great if you want to prevent wrinkles and aging for a natural beauty.

Now that you are well aware of the greatness of these nutritious dry fruits, you must try to consume them every day and include them in your diet as well.


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