We all face the skin problems once in a while, be it acne caused due to oily skin or itchy dry skin due to dehydration or insufficient nutrients in the body. But there are other factors responsible that are causing us to have dry skin.
Some of us are even currently suffering from this condition of dry skin and have accepted defeat in doing everything possible to get it resolved. Sometimes we blame it on weather and other times we blame it on our skin type, but never gave a thought that our own habits might be the reason behind it.

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But did you know that these following 5 everyday habits are the reason behind this maneuver? If you start avoiding these 5 mistakes, then you will surely get a supple and healthy skin within no time.

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It’s okay to keep exfoliating your skin from time to time, to keep it safe and healthy, but doing it regularly or more than once a day is going to result in dry skin only.
Exfoliation is advised to be done only twice or thrice in a week, not every day because it literally scrubs off the dead skin cells from your skin which can ultimately lead to dry outs.

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In a similar way, over-cleansing strips off your skin’s essential and vital minerals and lead to the flaky and dry skin. Washing your face with water multiple times a day is okay, using a cleanser or face wash every time is not recommended.
Also, the most important thing to be kept in mind while shopping for your skincare products is that they must be compatible with your skin type, and so does the face cleansers or face washes.

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If your skin type is dry, then you are suggested to stay from the dry or powdered makeup products, because they dry out skin further.

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Avoid using products like matte-fying foundations, primers, powder products and matte lipsticks as well. All these products will leave your skin even dryer taking away all the remaining moistures and leaving it unpleasant and itchy.


Even though we have told you this, a million times before, we would keep telling you, again and again, to remove your makeup before hitting your sack.

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Yes, ladies! Get rid of that makeup as soon as you are ready to hit the sack, no matter how tired you are feeling. Sleeping with the makeup on not only clogs your skin pores but also dries it out and causes irritation too.


Hot water baths are obviously great and give you an out of the world pleasure and relaxing feel, but did you know that such high-temperature strips off the moistures and essential oils from your skin and leaves you with a dry and dehydrated skin.

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Use normal showers and see the difference yourself!


For those who have normal to oily skin, using the alcohol containing beauty and makeup products once in a while is forgiven but if you have dry skin and you are prone to using products with high alcohol content then let us warn you ladies, this will only lead you to the dryer and flaky skin.

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So, it is better suggested to avoid the use of such alcohol containing products and use natural minerals, alcohol-free cleansers or oil cleansers to get a healthy and beautiful skin.

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