Winter is all set to arrive and people are very happy that they will be relieved from the scorching heat soon. But before the arrival of this beautiful season, there are a lot of things that are needed to be taken care of as your skin and hair get affected a lot during this dry season. But you can solve all your issues by having a right diet. In this article, we have shared some diet secrets that will protect your skin and hair from the dry weather.

1. Keep a check on your nutrition

Keep a check on your nutritionImage Source: theweek

Your skin requires a lot of nutrients during this weather as it helps to maintain the health of your skin. The best thing that you can during this dry weather is to have a diet full of nutrients.

Keep these key things in mind:

• Have a balanced diet with correct proportions of carbohydrates and protein.
• You can also add nuts, fats, pulse in your diet with right kind of fatty acids.

2. Diet plan for healthy hair

Diet plan for healthy hairImage Source: foreo

• Your hair is all protein. So, consuming a good amount of protein is very beneficial for your hair.
• Try to eat foods which have a high content of Vitamin A like tomatoes, eggs, pumpkin, carrots etc. as it helps in combating hair loss.
• Eat walnuts, fish, and flax as it strengthens your hair.
• You can also add yogurt, almonds, beans, cashews, sesame seeds etc. which are high in zinc as it also promotes hair health.

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3. Maintain moisture level of the skin

Maintain moisture level of the skinImage Source: thehealthsite

Drink ample amount of water, exercise regularly and have a good sleep.
• Don’t forget to have a balanced diet.
• You can also take Omega 3 in natural form or as a supplement form for maintaining the hydration level of your skin.

4. Keep your pouts hydrated

Keep your pouts hydratedImage Source: com

• For a healthy pout, you need to eat food which is rich in omega 3 acid like salmon, tuna, walnuts, and flaxseeds.
• Try to consume more of green leafy vegetables, almonds, eggs, mushrooms, asparagus etc. which have rich content of riboflavin which is good for your lips.
• Also try to include foods like tuna, whole grains, peanuts, lentils etc. in your diet which is rich in Niacin compound.

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