Diwali is less than a week away from now. And you must have already gone into the ritualistic house cleaning spree by now. But have you thought about the decoration yet? If not, then it is good for you. Know why? Because today we’re going to tell you some quick and easy ideas to decorate your home this Diwali without spending on the decorative items at all!

Scroll down to know what these creative ideas are…

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1. Flour Diya
Aren’t you tired of the same old mud coloured Diwali Diyas? Let’s pave the way for some creativity here. Make your own customized Diwali diyas using the flour. Shape them as per your choice and then glam them up with paint. You can also add glitter to make them more attractive.

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2. Bulb Chain
Cover the traditional bulb chain with the paper. You can use the coloured paper as well. Hang them on the main wall of your living room and light up your world.

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3. Paper Cup Lamps
This is the easiest DIY to do at home. You can get some coloured and printed paper cups from the market or you can paint the plain white ones. Poke a hole at the base and make the way for each bulb. Mount the paper cup to each bulb of the bulb chain.

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4. Plastic Bottle Lamp
Take the old Pepsi bottles and cut the base apart. Cut the shape as you want. Poke a hole at the base for a candle or preferably, bulb to pass. Paint the bottle and Voila!

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5. Globule Lamps
You can stick the glass globules on the CD in the circular shape. Put the diya or a bulb in the centre. The light will get refracted from the glass globules, letting out the mesmerising light from the lamp.

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6. Egg Carton Lamps
Egg cartons can be arranged and stuck together in a different pattern to create a lamp-like structure. You can paint the egg cartons per your choice to give them a floral look.

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7. Old Bangles Decorative
There must be dozens of such glass bangles which you don’t wear anymore. Create wall hangings using the bangles. Entwine rice lights to add more glam to the look.

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8. Fruit Peel Candles
Take lime and oranges peel and let them dry a bit. Put the wick of the candle at the centre of the hollow hemisphere. Fill it will hot wax or olive oil, till the wick half a centimetre above the surface. Let it cool down so that wax hardens up. Light the candle and enjoy the aroma of fresh fruits as the candle burns by.

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9. Sea Shells Candle
Take the sea shells and put the candle wick at the centre of them. pour hot molten wax in them gently. Let them cool down till the wax hardens. You can keep them on your centre table with tiny bulb chains surrounding them.

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10. Rice Lights in a Jar
Don’t want to put so much of hard work in a lamp? Don’t worry. You just need a glass jar and a rice light trail for this. Just fill the rice lights in the jar randomly and light it up.

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