Do you like to have eggs in your breakfast? Then possibilities are that you stack them in bulk in your REFRIGERATOR. Right? This is where you’re making a mistake. Egg is no doubt one of the healthiest sources of protein. But one unhealthy habit can make this healthy food the unhealthiest of all.

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Eggs when kept in a refrigerator lose their nutrients and above all, it can also make them toxic in nature! Find out why it happens.

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Do You Store Eggs in Refrigerator?
This is the strongest habit of ours, storing everything right from the fruits to meat, in the fridge. We think it will keep them fresher for a longer time. Isn’t it?

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But a recent study revealed that storing eggs at low temperature can destroy its nutritional qualities.

There are certain minerals and elements in eggs that cannot withstand the low temperatures. They lose their benefits to human health, as the low temperatures can kill their active enzymes. When stored at low temperatures, eggs are more prone to be contaminated by the bacteria Salmonella that causes typhoid, gastroenteritis, food poisoning and other dreadful illnesses.

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Shocked? Isn’t it better to store your eggs anywhere but the refrigerator?

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