Are you a successful working woman? If you are, then you may have faced several hard situations and tolerated many things to reach the level where you are now. Today woman have become equally efficient as men in all the fields.

Be it sports, academics, jobs or entertainment ladies today possess the same caliber as men. In fact, working women are trend-setters in this era. Some women are married, have children and a successful career and still; manage to be good housewives. This is no less than a miracle.

Apart from being so much capable, women happen to be most endangered part of the society. The recent cases of brutal rape of a 16 year old girl and that of a five year old girl proved this fact. These incidents have instilled in them a fear which grips them while they travel late at night.

Old Indian tradition has always preferred males over females. There is no sensible reason for this preference. People always used to say that man is the earning member of the family and women are only supposed to get married early and be a housewife forever.

Traditions have faded away but the most annoying fact is that some people still believe in it. Girls are still considered as a burden in some families. Some parents give more concern to their daughter’s marriage.

Apart from that, the belief in the old tradition also causes the working women to face troubles at the office. They are considered low as compared to men. They are not entrusted with big tasks. They don’t get as frequent promotions as men get.

Does any of this make sense? Women today can work as efficiently as men, why shouldn’t they receive as much appreciation, appraisals and growth as me in the same field?

Steps to curb gender-bias

  1. Vacancies for women-specific job should be opened on a large scale. This will reduce the possibility of  their competition
  2. People who insult women in their office in the name of gender-bias should be questioned and punished if possible.
  3. Women should be appointed at good positions so that they can improve the status of women working at lower positions and protect them from humiliation.

Ladies are a very important part of the society. They must be given the honor and respect which they deserve. Continued practice of gender-bias will only further spoil the name of men… So mind it!

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