Like a personal trainer, these smartphone fitness apps assist you in everything from the type of food you should eat to the workout that matches the stamina of your body.

So download these apps and get fit in days without the help of a trainer. There are numerous other benefits of these apps. On one hand it will save you the cost of a physical trainer and second you will not feel the need to attend gym anymore, will thus save a lot of your time.

1. The 7 Minute Workout

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Though there are too many fitness apps in the market. But ‘The 7 Minute Workout’ seems the most popular of all of them. This app will not only motivate you for fitness but will teach you step by step how to remain fit. It has different categories of fitness modules for different people. You can choose the one that suits you best. For people who want overall fitness, there is a special classic workout.

Like a personal trainer, their workout session starts with a whistle and a bell after every minute. After finishing one workout, the app user gets a 10-second break. When you will follow this module for some time, the app will then automatically open abs, the butt and leg workout for you.

2. Workout Trainer

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Workout Trainer gives you flexibility in selecting a kind of workout you need. Suppose if you want a workout for the purpose of building your muscles, you can select only that portion. If you are a weight conscious person, you can select a workout that matches your need. In short, we can say one has a choice to select a workout based on his/her preference. The Workout trainer even has a yoga schedule for mind trainers.

For beginners, there are some warmup exercises that prepare them for advancement level of workout.
This app has some workout regimes on a paid basis. But you will have the option to choose them or not.

3. Yoga-Pedia

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As the name suggests, this fitness app helps people with learning yoga steps, particularly beginners who are unaware of even basic steps of Yoga. Yoga is necessary for the peace of the mind.

Since we know Yoga has different types. One relieves stress, other increases muscle flexibility and the third one activates neurons of the brain. The app provides you the option to choose the one you need for yourself. There are more than 90 Asanas with Video instructions for each.

4. Calorie counter MyFitnessPal

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The most common problem with most of the weight losers is that they are not able to strike the balance between the food they eat and the workout they do. The calorie counter MyFitnessPal app helps weight losers to know how many calories they are consuming during the day and chose the foods from its huge database that will keep their calorie intake under check.

Note- A pro version of this app is also available in the market and you can run it on your PC as well. One more feature of this app is you can also login through a website to import recipes and to support other fitness apps.

5. Endomondo

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Endomondo is a fitness app that provides you the facility of analyzing the results of your workouts. It is more like a social media platform through which you can tag, add and share pictures with friends and many more things. You can set a goal for yourself to achieve the desired fitness level.
The premium version of this app teaches you some exclusive fitness workout tips against a small sum of money.

6. Google Fit

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Google Fit is the Googles own App that you can use to track your activities like cycling, jogging and running. The phone in your pocket will log information automatically. You can use this app separately or in association with some other fitness app.

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