If you’re a true patriot, this is the most awaited day you look forward to every year. What could be a better reason to rejoice than attaining freedom? So here it is, just a few days ahead. We’re all set to celebrate our 70th Independence Day. With parties, gatherings, kites and joys everywhere. If you’re in Delhi, you shouldn’t miss out hearing the speech to be given by our Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Red Fort.

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Though there are many ways, but each and every Indian citizen is celebrating this day. And so for this special day, you can dress ordinarily. Let the patriotism in your heart speak out in the form of tricolour in your dress. Let’s colour the air in the tricolour.

1. Salwar Kameez in Tricolour
However, it is a bit difficult to get; a tricolour salwar Kameez. But you can always have a white cotton kurta. Pair it up with a green salwar and saffron dupatta. This combination can never go wrong on the Independence Day.

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2. Tricolour Saree
If you love wearing saree, there are options for you as well. a tricolour printed saree can make you look like a true patriot and a fashion diva on the same hand. You can look for a tricolour saree if you’re really into shopping this Independence Day. Otherwise, you can always wear a white chikan embroidered saree with a saffron blouse. Green coloured bangles or a Bindi will complete the look.

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3. Tricolour Dupatta
Pair a white colour kurti with your favourite denim. Complete the look with a tricolour printed dupatta. You will look no less than a chirpy dove coloured in three. You will steal the limelight at the Independence Day celebrations.

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4. ‘I Love India’ Printed T-Shirts
Independence Day would be here in no time. The street shops are full of ‘I Love My India’ printed t-shirts. You can definitely wear a loose printed t-shirt with your tattered denim and sneakers.

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5. Tricolour Bangles
If no other option comes to your rescue, bangles can always save your day. Wear a white colour dress with tri coloured bangles set in sequence. This will impart a traditional yet glamorous look to your attire.

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6. Tricolour Nail Art
Let your love for the tricolour be everywhere. You can paint each of the nails in the tricolour or you can paint them in sequence with saffron, white and green.

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7. Tricolour Eye Makeup
If you have a nice and chic makeup palette, then you can show your makeup skills by painting your eyes in the tricolour. This Independence Day, let your eyes speak out your patriotism for you.

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