Most of the things that we use have an expiry date. But there are various household things that we use to a stretch because we think it’s too early to dispose of them. But in reality, they have reached their expiration and are being overused in your house.

Here is the list of household things that have an expiry date that you are unaware of:

1. Slippers

SlippersImage Source: ritzcarltonshops

Yes, slippers too have an expiry date. You should change them after every 6 months as they are chances of getting a fungal infection from it. And always try to wash them on regular basis to keep it clean and free from infections.

2. Pillows

PillowsImage Source: ripetta

A pillow can be used for 2-3 years as they lose their fluffiness and become a source of dust mites that can cause severe health problems to you.

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3. Towel

TowelImage Source: shophampton

Towels have a life of 1-3 years. We all have some fondness towards it but it is necessary to change them on correct time to avoid bacteria formation.

4. Running shoes

Running shoesImage Source: new-balance-running-shoes

After running miles with your favourite running shoes it is better to change them after 1 year of usage as it loses its cushioning feature and puts pressure on your joints.

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5. Bath sponge

Bath spongeImage Source: huffpost

The expiry of this household thing is just 2 weeks as they easily become the store of fungus after a period of time. To keep it clean try to boil it or sanitize.

6. Hairbrush

HairbrushImage Source: rd

You should change your hairbrush every year apart from cleaning it weekly. This will help in avoiding various scalp related infections.

So, these were the few household things that have an expiry date about which we unaware.

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