Don’t get scared, and dare to bear the looks! I have seen many ladies who do not give a single day break to their face and I have many friends whom I haven’t seen the natural way, I mean I don’t know how do they look without make-up! Simply irritating! But do you know going make-up can really be an amazing experience? So read this article and motivate yourself to do the same.

These reasons are enough to make you go make-up free at least once a week or so…

  • It’s Money Saving!

It definitely saves you a lot of money, isn’t that so! Many ladies own too many make-up products and they don’t use many of them and finally the dried out and expired products meet in a dustbin! So sad! Don’t let that happen with you and take a break sometimes. Just stick to few basic things and you are done!

  • A Holiday for your Skin!

Your skin is delicate and you keep on exposing it to too many harmful products and chemicals, so you owe a break to your skin now! Your face too needs to breathe and therefore, you need to avoid all the junk for one day, please for your beautiful face! P.S. Don’t forget the sunscreen though!

  • You are a Natural Beauty!

Don’t think that you don’t look attractive without make-up, have you ever tried? No? Then who asked you to decide! Try going out with your natural looks and be confident, I am sure you too have beautiful features. J

  • Freeing up Time!!

Don’t you think that you spend almost half of your day fiddling with make-up? First you put it on, then regular touch ups all through the day and then finally removing it before going to bed etc etc. So having a make-up free day is now a must for you, plus you will save precious time to cuddle up with your husband or kids.

  • Not Essential!

If you are a believer of this statement that we all need to put on make-up always on every occasion, then you are in a wrong perception. If you are always worried about how other people will perceive you when you will go without male-up then you need to work for your self-esteem.

Make-up is fun but there are other reasons to take a break. What is your decision? 

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