The beauty of a person not only depends on your outer appearance but also depends on one’s personal health and inner hygiene. And it is very important to maintain health down there. Preserving feminine hygiene not only helps you to fight against infections but also helps to combat various ailments.

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Here are a few tips to maintain feminine hygiene for all the beautiful ladies:

1. Freshen up

Freshen-upimage source: businessinsider

For maintaining feminine hygiene, it is very important to take a regular and frequent bath. Bathing washes off the dead cells that get accumulated on your skin and maintains the pH level of the skin down there.

2. Take extra care during periods

Take extra care during periodsimage source: simplyhealthysleep

This point is very important for maintaining feminine hygiene. During this time of the month, change your sanitary pads and tampons frequently. Don’t use them for more than 8 hours.

3. Wear comfy clothes

Wear comfy clothesimage source: kevinsawyer

To maintain your feminine hygiene, try to wear loose clothes and avoid synthetic clothes. Wear underpants made of cotton fabric which help the air to flow and will help to prevent infections in your vaginal area.

4. Care after intercourse

Care after intercourseimage source: netdoctor

Always remember to clean your feminine area after the activity with mild lukewarm water because there may residue left from the protection which can later cause infections. This is another important point to maintain feminine hygiene.

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5. Use washcloth for single purpose

Use washcloth for single purposeimage source: rd

This tip is very helpful for maintaining feminine hygiene. If you use a washcloth for cleaning up your vaginal area then use it for that purpose only. Don’t use this washcloth somewhere else as it will lead to infections. And don’t forget to wash them regularly after use.

6. Take care of your diet

Take care of your dietimage source: chlealiving

For maintaining feminine hygiene try to include more fruits and greeny vegetables to your diet. Yogurt and garlic help to prevent infections and odour down there and don’t forget to drink ample amount of water.

So, these were the few tips that all ladies should keep in mind to maintain a healthy feminine hygiene.


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