New year resolutions are meant to be broken. This is the common belief among the people. But this year, make a pledge that you aren’t going to break your new year resolutions. Though we know how hard it is to stick to the resolutions, but the best way is to set realistic goals for yourself. Apart from the things you should start doing from 2K17, there are some fitness mistakes you need to quit. Let’s have a look what these menaces are.

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1. Workout Apart From Cardio
There is a common misbelief that running on the treadmill for an hour straight will lead them a considerable weightless. But the cardio alone isn’t going to bring any good to your weight loss goals. Running will put your heart rate high and burn a lot of calories. But if you seek a well-chiseled body, running alone will not work. Lift weights and pack on some muscles.

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2. Don’t Shun the Protein Bars/Shakes
Many of the fitness seekers shun the protein shakes and bars saying that they are unnatural. Let us break down this fact for you, that your muscles need fuel to work and protein is the fuel for your muscles. It is very important for the growth and repair of the muscles. You can rely on the natural substitutes of protein like eggs, meat, cottage cheese, yoghurt, etc. For your information, protein doesn’t make you fat. They are needed for the better development of your muscles. Lack of protein can make you lose more muscles than building up. This beats up the whole point of working out in the first place.

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3. Socializing at Gym
Gym is not a hangout café. It is a fitness place and the only thing which should be running on your mind should be fitness. Chatting while working out intensely can deviate your attention. Don’t take any longer breaks more than 2 minutes. If you rest for too long and jabber, then you might lose out on your pump. Put on your earphones and workout with minimum distractions.

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4. Being Inconsistent
You have paid for an annual membership of a chic gym but you have dropped it in the mid. Why to waste your money? Don’t make resolutions which you can’t fulfil. Set a simple and more realistic target for yourself. Be regular with your workouts and increase the pace slowly but gradually.

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5. Don’t Go Overboard
This is the issue with the over-enthusiastic people. They want to smash their own record at the earliest. And for the sake of it, they end up sacrificing the right form and pace of the workout. Don’t go for the labels on the dumbbells. Just focus on the stress. Don’t run after the heavy weights immediately. Increase the stress slowly, without injuring yourself. Your muscles will develop the stamina eventually.

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