“Ah! Those beautiful hands” cried my friend who was completely mesmerized by the impeccable nail art donned by a charming girl standing some distance away in a scarcely crowded Delhi Metro in a lazy November afternoon.

“Yeah” I said; apparently showing some interest and that was all what I could mumble before she opened her chatterbox…it was for the next one and half hour through the part of our journey that she virtually overflowed me with her gyaan on Nail Decoration and Nail Art before I managed to stuff some sandwiches in her mouth (lol). As an introduction, this prodigious and budding makeup artist friend of mine is one of the greatest self-confessed fans of the coolest trend of Nail adornment and decoration in the market. I was so much filled in by her knowledge that I decided to write something about it and share her passionate enthusiasm with you all.

Nail art is one of the coolest and contemporary designs and is currently a rave amongst the urbane fashionistas, especially the college going gals. They come in almost countless varieties and creative themes that one may get bogged down whatever suits her. There might be very few girls out there who might not know as to what nail art is all about. So I am sharing my knowledge with you on how to start with simple yet creative nail art.

One of the initial styles that you can follow is the Floral Nail Art. Being one of the easiest designs, it can be made with only a few resources and a little patience (of course!). Check out the following designs which will definitely going to fascinate you.

1. Check-Out this elegant and graceful floral Nail Art. For adorning it, you only need shades of three colors i.e Sky-Blue, Pink and Green. Start off by base-coating the nails with sky-blue color and thereafter as a part of its design decorate them accordingly by drawing flowers with pink shade and making leaves with green color.

Floral Nail Art

2. This cool Nail art can be donned by basing the nails with red shade, flanked by beautiful white flowers on its top. Although intricately made, this cool design adds a lot of charm to your personality. For the sake of mentioning, this is my personal favorite!!

Floral Nail Art

3. This contemporary nail art can is one of the most stylish one. It actually makes me remember those floral skirts that we used to wear in the childhood. Looking so lovely and cute, flaunting it requires only few shades of color. With a little creativity and little drawing skills, this nail art can be all yours.

Floral Nail Art

4. Moving on to some more complexity, this nail art looks exquisite with your urban dresses. With its contrasting colors, this nail art looks mesmerizing for special occasions.

Floral Nail Art

Thus, follow these latest fads so that when you step out of your home next time, someone else might be mesmerized by your nail art and fall for your design!

Cloth Beauty