Even though recession is to blame for many people losing their jobs but at times it can be the pink slip too!! Yes ladies, that “harmless” string with your man can act against you. Ah…I know flirting at office is not impossible altogether. Hence, it is important to keep certain things in mind before you go ahead with any office romance. I mean, you never know ladies….these might can actually save your career!! Give it a try….read on….

Little Foresight Helps A Lot!!

Ladies, it’s really important before falling into the pit of office romance!! Like your manager? Well, restrict it to liking….taking the relationship to a whole new level can be disastrous. Coz may be later….things won’t turn out in your favor! You boss will give your bad appraisals, you will have to spend long hours at work and most importantly your boss would be picking at you for no reason!

No-No to Extra Marital Affairs!!

Irrespective of the fact that who made the first step, it’s easy to get into a fling with your office mate….your hubby might forgive you but he wouldn’t trust you ever! I mean, who would appreciate unfaithfulness!

It’s Good to Stick to the Unwritten Laws!!

Make sure your communication isn’t in recorded form! Yes ladies, we are prone to using tech and hence sending mushy-mushy texts or chats gets easier! Anyway anything in written form that gets recorded would be used against you when you least expect it! Definitely, a boss reading out love letters aloud would be highly embarrassing!

It Helps To Be Secretive!!

It’s never easy to hide love!! You might have best friends at your workplace but it is always to keep mum when it comes to romancing with your colleague. Yes ladies; don’t volunteer every little information…..they can be boomeranging about it!

I know it’s a wonderful feeling to be loved and to love….but keeping it a secret at workplace would only save it from getting destroyed!! Save all the romance for after hours! Take care dearies. 🙂

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