Makeup brushes make a very important part of our makeup routine and thus it is very important to keep them clean and germ-free. Keeping your makeup brushes will ensure that your makeup application goes on smooth, your skin stays healthy and the life of the brushes is also maintained. Also, makeup brushes don’t come cheap and you certainly don’t want to spend such big sum of money repeatedly to get new brushes.

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When you use makeup brushes for applying makeup on your face, traces of makeup, oil, dead skin, etc. is left behind on the brushes. With all this nasty stuff, your makeup brushes become the breeding ground of the germs and bacteria. When these bacteria loaded brushes are used to apply makeup on the face it leads to skin related problems such as acne. Also, the build-up on the brushes leads to uneven makeup application.

In order to avoid the above-mentioned situations, you must clean your makeup brushes regularly. Follow the below-mentioned steps to clean your dirty makeup brushes:

1. Completely dampen your brushes with lukewarm water.

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2. For this step, you can use a bar soap or an alcohol-free cleanser. Lather the soap or the cleanser well and swirl your makeup brush into the lather. You will be surprised to see all the residual makeup coming out of the brushes.

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3. Wash the brushes under running water. Repeat the 2nd and 3rd step again.

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4. Rinse the brushes really well with water so that there is no residue of the soap left behind.

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5. Gently squeeze all the excess water from the brushes and place the makeup brushes on a clean towel for air drying. Never use a hair dryer to dry your damp makeup brushes. The best time to wash your brushes is at night. It will take about 6-8 hours for the brushes to dry and then you can use the clean brushes in the morning.

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Tips to keep in mind

  • • When we wash makeup brushes our complete focus is on the bristles and never on the handle. But just as the bristles, cleaning the handle is also very important. The brush handle too is loaded with germs and thus need cleansing. You can clean the brush handle with a cloth dipped in soap water. If you want it squeaky clean just clean it with rubbing alcohol.

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  •  This happens with almost everything we own. with the passage of time and the daily wear and tear product name and information printed on the products gets faded. The same happens with makeup brushes as well. In order to restore the number and name of your makeup brushes, you can apply a coat of clear nail paint over the number and name of the brush. This way your makeup brushes will keep brand new, always.
  •  If you think that the bristles of your makeup brushes have turned brittle or dry, then apply a tiny bit of condition on the makeup brush bristles and then wash with lukewarm water. The brush will feel just as soft as a new one.

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