For leading a healthy life, you need to make some important decisions regarding your diet, workout regime and mental fitness. And to prevent certain health conditions it becomes the utmost priority. And if you are suffering from PCOS then it becomes essential that you keep a check on the food you consume as it helps in reducing the symptoms, boosting energy level and also helps in weight loss management.

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Here is the list of food items that you should avoid eating if you are suffering from PCOS:

1. Eat less salt

Eat less saltImage Source: vitaportal

Salt is the great source of sodium and a teaspoon of it is enough according to our body requirements. Excessive consumption of salt can lead to water retention which is not a good sign for a woman suffering from PCOS as they already have too much of water retained in them. Instead of this, you should consume fruits and nuts.

2. Avoid liquor

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According to a study, it is said that consuming alcohol can increase the chances of PCOS by 50% and also increases the level of sugar in the blood. Apart from that, the liquor that you consume immediately converts into sugar which later increases the blood sugar levels.

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3. Say “NO” to sugar

Say “NO” to sugarImage Source: co

Women who are suffering from PCOS should avoid consuming sugar as they have high insulin level. Consuming little sugar and carbohydrates is fine as it helps in weight loss and controls the blood sugar level. Instead of sugar, try to consume natural sweeteners like honey, dates, fruits etc.

4. Eat more veggies and fruits

Eat more veggies and fruitsImage Source: newhealthguide

Try to consume more veggies and fruits as they are full of nutrients and vitamins like Vitamin C, K and E which are very effective in reducing the symptoms of PCOS.

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5. Say goodbye to processed food

Say goodbye to processed foodImage Source: buzznigeria

If you are suffering from PCOS then try to consume food which is less in calories and free from preservatives. Always try to consume food in its most natural form to avoid hormonal imbalance. Consume more of gluten-free food items.

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