Most of us know this fact that a balanced diet is a key to lose weight naturally and to maintain the overall health. But the food pairings also play a major role in the weight loss process as it will provide a sense of fullness by making you feel less hungry. With this, you should also keep in mind that there are some food combinations that may make you feel bloated, gassy and dehydrated. So, in this article, we have shared some ideal food pairings that one can have for weight management.

1. Lemon juice and green tea

Lemon juice and green teaImage Source:  allw

Green tea contains a very powerful antioxidant known as catechins. And the combination of this tea with lemon helps in minimising the breakdown of the catechins which makes it easily digestible.

2. Greek yogurt and almonds

Greek yogurt and almondsImage Source: eatthis

There are some vitamins which are best absorbed when they are consumed with some fats. As we all know that almonds are a great source of antioxidants, vitamin E, and calcium. And when it is consumed with Greek yogurt it becomes a great food pair for weight management.

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3. Black pepper and turmeric

Black pepper and turmericImage Source: fitlife

According to a research, turmeric and pepper make the best combination. Pepper contains piperine which boosts the bioavailability of this amazing food.

4. Red pepper and chicken

Red pepper and chickenImage Source: dvo

It is said that red peppers are very helpful in burning extra calories and also helps the body to convert food into energy. And when this amazing food is combined with chicken, which is a great source of protein helps in shedding some kilos.

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5. Spinach and avocado

Spinach and avocadoImage Source:  vegangela

Both of them contains a high amount of minerals and vitamins. And when they are consumed in the salad form it provides maximum benefit to the body. And spinach also works well when it is paired with olive oil.

6. Vegetables and eggs

Vegetables and eggsImage Source: cloudinary

This combination is considered as an ideal one as eggs help in the absorption of the carotene, which is basically compound found in vegetables. And those who want to speed up the calorie burning process can look up to this amazing combination.

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7. Asparagus and salmon

Asparagus and salmonImage Source: epicurious

Salmon is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids and when it is combined with protein-rich asparagus it helps the body to get rid of excess water. And it is always suggested to bake and steam this dish when prepared together.

8. Ginger and tuna

Ginger and tunaImage Source: savourthesensesblog

Ginger is very helpful in improving the bowel functioning and also prevents bloating. On the other, hand tuna is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids. So, you should never avoid the tuna salad when it is served to you.

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