Nowadays people are very concerned about the weight for which they make a lot of changes in their life.  But there are few who are looking for some ways to gain weight naturally. We are not joking! It’s true. People who are genetically ectomorphs usually find it tough to gain weight and building muscles. Still, it is achievable for them all they need is to make some changes in their diet. So, in this article, we have listed some foods that can help in weight gain. Include these foods in your diet and gain weight naturally.

1. Nuts

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Nuts are very high in calories and it is a handy snack that you can have anytime. The best thing about nuts is that they provide you with three macros that are carbs, fats, and protein. Nuts contain those essential fats that your body needs to attain from outside sources. So, it is the best option to include it in your diet in the form of nut butter. And just make sure the butter is of sugar and artificial flavors.

2. Cheese

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Cheese is a high-calorie food as it contains 70 percent fat. And another benefit of cheese is that it tastes good and you can add it to a variety of dishes. So, if you want to gain weight then you add some cheese to your diet to gain weight naturally.

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3. Rice

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Rice is an easily accessible food that you can prepare without any hassle. And it is not necessary that you should consume brown rice even white rice is fine. The only difference between the two is the fiber content which is high in brown rice. And if you eat one cup of rice it provides 40 grams of carbs and yields 180 calories. So, this makes rice a perfect option for the people who want to gain weight.

4. Carbs and starchy veggies

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The best quality of the starchy veggies is that they are full of calories. The primary motive of anyone who is trying to gain weight is to increase its daily calorie intake. And for which they should include vegetables like beans, oats, sweet potatoes, corn, potatoes in their diet to increase their calorie intake.

So, these were the foods that can help in weight gain.


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