Dampness is a very common issue during monsoon. Especially when it brings a musty smell indoors. So, to keep your house breathable, we thought of sharing some simple tips to get rid of the damp smell during monsoon.

1. Get rid of damp smell during monsoon by using vapourizers

Use vapourizersImage Source: cloudfront

To get rid of the damp smell, you can add essential oil to the vaporizers. This simple tip will help in removing the bad smell and will also give you a fresh feel.

2. Remove dampness from the closet

Remove dampness from the closetImage Source: closetfactory

To remove dampness from the closet, you just need to place freshly grounded coffee in it, and soon the smell will fade away.

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3. Keep your drain clean

Keep your drain cleanImage Source: reedsplumbing

Keep your drains fresh by using the blend of baking soda and vinegar. You can also use vinegar as a natural freshener or by placing it in a cup to absorb cooking smells.

4. Remove dampness from bathroom and basement

Remove dampness from bathroom and basementImage Source: hzcdn

To get rid of dampness from the basement and bathroom, you just need to spray a mixture made with one part of hydrogen peroxide with water and allow it for an hour. After that, wash off the area.

So, these were the few ways to get rid of the damp smell during monsoon.

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