Eyes are like windows through which you see this beautiful world. However, consuming too much alcohol, inadequate sleep, stress or dust allergies can lead to puffy eyes and can give you worn-down appearance as well! To get rid of the puffy eyes, here are some easily-avaialble ingredients which will keep your eyes healthy and you, hydrated!

1. Eat Parsley to Get Rid of the Puffy Eyes!

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If you are tired of your puffy eyes and want to get rid of them, start eating parsley. It helps in flushing out excess fluids from your body. Therefore, consuming them in the form of salad and soup can ward off the swollen eyes problem. So, next time just sprinkle parsley on your favorite cuisine and enjoy its refreshing flavor!

2. Refresh Your Eyes with Cucumber

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Putting chilled cucumber slice on eyes for about 15-20 minutes is a great way to refresh tired and puffy eyes. Cucumber contains caffeic acid and ascorbic acid, therefore, it helps in reducing the water retention in the eyes, thereby suppressing the puffiness and swelling in the eyes immediately. It also helps in decreasing the blood flow around the eyes, thereby alleviating swelling around the eyes.

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3. Get Alluring Eyes with Avocado

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Avocado is quite beneficial not only to your eyes but to your overall health as well. If you want to reduce the puffiness, then just scoop out a tablespoon of fresh avocados, add some chilled milk and make a thick paste. Then apply it around the eyes and leave it for about 10 minutes. Later wash your face with lukewarm water. Following this procedure frequently, you will get rid of the puffiness and you will notice that your dark circles are getting lighter!

4. Include Oats in Your Breakfast because

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Oats consist of vitamin A which help in keeping your eyes in a good shape. These also help in promoting good vision and are also important in the formation of bone. Apart from these benefits, oats also help you in getting rid of the baggy eyes. One reason for puffy eyes can be constipation. Oats contain fiber, which is an amazing way to ease your bowel movement. Thus, it is an effective food to get rid of the puffy eyes. Add this tasty yet healthy food to your breakfast and stay fit!

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5. Treat Your Baggy Eyes with Almonds

Treat Your Baggy Eyes with AlmondsImage Source: kosovarja

If you want to treat your puffy eyes, just apply soaked almond paste or an almond essential oil. It is an effective food which not only cures eye bags but also treats dark circles.

Grind some almonds, add some milk and make a thick paste. Apply it around your eyes and keep it overnight. Almond has moisturizing properties which help in reducing the puffiness and also lightening the dark circles.

6. Relax Your Eyes with Tea Bags

Relax Your Eyes with Tea BagsImage Source: healthaio

Tea has multiple benefits for your health. But what if I say that it can also treat your puffy eyes! Yes, it contains tannin, which helps you in getting rid of the baggy eyes. Tea bags have been used for years for an effective eye remedy.

Soak tea bags in warm water and once these cool down, apply them to your eyes. Doing this frequently, you can get rid of the baggy eyes.

To get rid of the puffy eyes, eat these healthy foods and try to limit your salt intake and caffeine too since these items tend to hold water in the body.

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