Winters have arrived and we can’t wait to embrace all good things it brings along with it. We all have packed up our summer essentials and taken out the winter ones. But have you already swapped your summer makeup with the winter one? If not, then you must do it now. Here are some of the tips to get your makeup winter ready that too very easily.

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1. Foundation- In summers most of us opt for matte foundations since our skin is already oozing enough oil on its own. But in winters the skin is very dry on its own and required some moisture and glow. Pack up your matte foundations and get a foundation which has a dewy finish to it and is moisturising in nature. Also, you might need to go a shade lighter for your foundation since most of the people become a shade lighter during winters.

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2. Bronzer- During winters the sun is very gentle and all the summer tan gets washed away slowly. This is the time when you can look back to your trusty bronzer for adding that sun-kissed glow back your face. Take a matte bronzer and apply in on the high points of your face such as your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, forehead and the temple area.

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3. Blush- For that natural flushed look add a matte pink blush on your cheeks. Try to keep the blush shade as natural as possible and balance it with dark lips.

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4. Eyeliners- This winter, give your black eyeliner a pass and opt for eyeliners in vivid shades and finishes. Emerald green, royal blue, brown, metallic shades such as golden, copper, rose gold, etc. are great options to try. In the past few years, coloured liners have set up their mark in the makeup industry and have become the part of the makeup vanity of a majority of women.

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5. Eyeshadows- When it comes to picking eyeshadows for winters you must opt for deeper darker shades such as wine, plum, burgundy, deep orange, navy blue, brown, taupe, chocolate and the likes. Brighter shades such as green, yellow, turquoise, etc., should be restricted to summers. Just concentrate more on defining your eyes and adding more depth to them.

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6. Lip colours- We all know winters are all about deep and dark colours and thus the lip colours you select for winters should also be deep and dark. Vampy colour such as wine, oxblood red, berry, brown and the likes are the shades for the winters. If these shades are too dark for you, you can wear them as a tint or in the form of a lip gloss as well. But make sure to include some of these vampy shades in your winter lookbook for sure.

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7. Nail paints- Ditch the bright summer colours and get ready to welcome the dark winter colours. Choose from the vast array of dark, vampy colours to make your nails stand out. You can also add a touch of glitter to make them look even more gorgeous.

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