Don’t we all just love makeup and the interesting fact that how applying even a little bit of makeup can completely transform your personality! But there are certain rules to be followed even in the world of glamour, ladies.

The most important thing to be kept in mind is that you must know when and where to apply how much amount of makeup. If makeup has the power to make you beautiful and bold then it also holds the power to ruin your personality in a matter of seconds. So, you should always be very precautious about wearing it, and know the difference of how much makeup should you be wearing at your workplace or while going to a party.

Here are 5 workplace makeup suggestions that we would love to share with you, to help you stop making a fool of yourself at the office.

Eyes are the best feature of your face, that reflects the overall personality of a person, but overdoing them to highlight while applying too makeup can pass on a negative impression at your workplace.

Keep light and simple for a quick office look. Applying a single stroke will do the trick for you.

image source: jmecc

Smoky eye look basically depicts drama and you definitely don’t want to pass on that signal at your workplace. So, it’s better to avoid the smoky-eye look.

Instead, go for a simple thin Eyeliner and a Kajal, which will also complete your look for your office look.

image source: vishvagujarat

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Go for a single blush stroke of a natural rosy shade for your cheeks, avoid overdoing the color. Try to achieve that natural look with a little makeup on.

image source: lifetimestyles

You can’t go glossy and glittery at your workplace, it’s a complete No-No. Even those hot and brick Red shades are to be avoided as much as possible.

You can rather apply nude to light pink to rosy shades in the matte format for your luscious lips. It will give you more professional look.

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Those pointy and heavily designed nails are perfect for any party or gathering, but ladies, going office with those shimmering and pointy nails doesn’t suit your professional image.

Instead, keep them manicured and if you feel the need to apply a nail color more than essential, then you can apply nude to soft peach enamel to perfect your look. Even getting a simple French Manicure is not a bad idea at all.

image source: lalamer

You can also share how you like to dress up for a professional yet elegant look for your workplace, in the comment section below!


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