We all love to have a gorgeous looking hair  and for this many people opt for various hair treatments and hair coloring. But colored hair look great, only if they are done in the right way. Plus, it also needs a lot of maintenance for a long-lasting shine and color. So, to get the best results, we have listed some common hair coloring mistakes that one should avoid.

  1. Over bleaching your hair
Over bleaching your hairImage Source: wikimedia

Always be careful when going ash-blonde, blonde or adding any color to your mane. It is suggested that you should consult with your stylist and ask questions like whether this color will suit your skin tone or hair texture and how it will appear once the shades get lighter. There are even chances that over bleached hair can make you a way older than you are. So, choose the shade carefully and always consult your stylist.

  1. Not following the instructions properly
Not following the instructions properlyImage Source: ytimg

If you are opting for a DIY hair coloring session then, make sure you read all the instructions carefully which are written on the hair color kit. Always provide enough time to color for settling in before you wash it off. And it is also suggested that you should be realistic about the color because it is not necessary that you will get an exact shade which the model on the pack is showing. You will always get an effect which is close to that shade.

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  1. Using dry shampoo before coloring
Using dry shampoo before coloringImage Source: co

If you are the one who frequently uses dry shampoo  then, just make sure you wash off your hair a night before you want to get your hair colored. It is said that when you have dry shampoo on your hair the color of your roots can look different from what you are applying to your mane. Besides this, the dry shampoo also blocks the proper absorption of the color that can make your hair look ugly.

  1. Not bringing the picture of the hair color
Not bringing the picture of the hair colorImage Source: lorealparisusa

Whether you want a single color, ombre or balayage always carry a picture of the color shade that you want to be done as it will help your stylist to understand your color palette and will also help them to provide you with a look that you desire for.

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  1. Using alcohol-based products
Using alcohol-based productsImage Source: ltkcdn

Alcohol is a product that one should always avoid in their hair products as it can take off all the moisture from your mane. Plus, when you use the alcohol-based products on your colored mane it can risk its quality and can also cause hair loss. Thus, making the color fade faster.

So, these were the few hair coloring mistakes that one should avoid.


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