Festivals play an important role in the Indian culture. All year round there are many festivals that we celebrate now and then. And there are few festivals that are celebrated grandly with pandals, amazing decorations, and cuisines. When we are talking about pandals how can we forget Durga pandal that is prepared every year for Durga Puja? The idols and the pandals are specially crafted for the puja. The committee members of the puja take extra care about the security. And the best pandals also win prizes and awards. But because of the busy work schedules, we are not able to visit these amazing pandals.

Furthermore, people avoid these pandals because of the crowd. Amidst to all the chaos and negative things Durga pandals are very beneficial for your health. Confused! Read further to know the benefits.

1. Stress Buster

Stress BusterImage Source: business-standard

Many people say that laughter is the key to live longer. And festivals are the one that makes you feel free from all the stress and lets you enjoy wholeheartedly. During these happy, fun days people don’t feel tired and can go on for more. So, it clearly means that festivals keep you active from heart and mind.

2. Improves mental health

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Health is not always related to your physical well-being it is also related to your mental health. Our entire life revolves around work, work, and work. But the festival is that one thing that puts a break on the monotonous life and let us spend some quality time with our loved ones. So, visiting pandals can be a good option to boost your mental health.

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3. Keeps viral infections and bacteria at bay

Keeps viral infections and bacteria at bayImage Source: staticflickr

Whenever you visit pandal you can hear the soothing echo of the ringing bells and conch. And many people say that these sounds are very helpful in suppressing the viruses and bacteria around the place. So, enjoy this festival with the full heart and keep away all your stress and worries.

So, this Navratri, enjoy Durga Pandal with your loved ones and have fun.


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