Socializing is good, but making it your priority over life and relationships can ruin them both. Couples, all around the world, are active on social media and post new things every second or hour. But what they don’t realize is that they are openly announcing their personal relationship to everyone in touch with them.

You think that social media is a great way of getting attached to people, yes it surely is. But, sharing every single detail over the internet is not good for you or your relationship.

‘Internet’ as we call it, is making relationships more complicated and breakups even worse. Somehow it is becoming the main reason of couples breaking up around the world. It is getting more painful, more public and more drawn to have a breakup in today’s world.

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So, to understand how social media is responsible for ruining your relationships, we have enlisted 7 reasons, why you must lay-off from it if you want to lead a happy life with your partner.

1. It is making you spend more time with it than your partner
Be it a date or a night out with your friend, if you are busy with your phone and checking out what the rest of the world is up to, then how come you will give your relationship a chance. You’re missing out on everything romantic and cozy about spending some quality time with your significant other.

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2. Stalking leaves no space to know each other well
Stalking means to know everything about that special someone over the internet. So why bother to actually have a conversation with someone you already know so well.

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3. Oversharing the personal info too affects the relationship
People are sharing literally everything that is going on in their lives, on their social media accounts. This leaves no room for privacy and knowing someone in personal. If you are sharing your personal details with the whole world, how are they left personal anyways.

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4. Attention seeking has become our addiction
You’d be lying to yourself if you say that you don’t feel pumped up every time you get highest likes on those Instagram or Facebook posts. This is simply foolish and of no meaning, if you can’t get enough high and passionate about your relationship.

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5. Making mistakes of comparing to others
Comparing of what you have with your partner to what other couples are posting on their social media accounts, is harmful to your relationship. Anyone can post anything on social media, so stop being jealous or comparing their ‘life’ with yours.

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6. We are getting judging and jumping to the conclusions has become our thing
When your ex likes or comments on your post, it doesn’t mean that he is trying to get back with you and the same goes for your bae. It becomes hard for the people who are trying to cut all the cords to their past and still are connected on their social media accounts.

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7. Stranger’s life seems more interesting than your own
When you are overindulged into someone else’s problems and life, it becomes hard for you to focus on your own relationship. Going through amazing travel blogs and diaries, we are forgetting to live and wasting time on watching others living the best experiences of their lives.

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Maybe you should put your phone down and start talking to the ‘Stranger’ you are in a relationship with. Who knows what might that lead to! Share your thoughts on how social media can be responsible for ruining your relationship.

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