Singhare ke atte ka samosa is a very simple and easy recipe that one can prepare at home. It is the best snack that one can make for brunch time and even at special occasions.

So, have a look at the recipe.

Preparation time: 1 hour

Serves: 12

Ingredients needed for Singhare ke atte ka samosa:

For dough:

• Singhare atta- 1 cup
• Sendha namak- 1teaspoon
• Arrowroot- 1/4th cup
• Ghee- for frying
• Water- 2 1/2 cup
• Ghee – 1/4th cup

For filling:

• Ghee- 2 tablespoons
• Chironji- 1 cup (soaked for 2 hours)
• Chilli powder- 3/4th teaspoon
• Elachi- 1/2 teaspoon
• Coriander powder- 2 teaspoons
• Jeera- 1 tablespoon
• Sendha namak- 2 teaspoons

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Now, how to make Singhare ke atte ka samosa:


• Remove the shell of the chironji and grind it.
• Now, take a pan and add 2 tablespoons ghee with jeera.
• Then, let it splutter.
• After that add chironji and other ingredients needed for filling.
• Sauté on low heat.
• Once it is cooked turn off the flame.

Samosa Dough:

• Take a pan and add ghee, water and salt to it.
• Bring the mix to boil.
• Once it starts to boil add atta and arrowroot.
• Mix it well on low flame.
• Cook it till it gets accumulated in the centre.
• Now, remove the dough from the pan and let it cool.
• Then, roll the dough into 3 diameter circle and cut it in halves.
• Take one edge, and wet it from the edge.
• Join the overlap portion to form a cone.
• Now, fill the cone with the filling.
• Then, press the edges to seal it.
• Repeat the same with others.
• Deep fry the samosa in the hot ghee.
• And cook till it gets golden brown.
• Transfer it to another plate.
• And your Singhare ke atte ka samosa is ready to be served.

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