The noggin pain and the cramps make menstrual a dreadful dream for every woman in the world! Monthly periods are something we all have to deal with! But there’s a lot we can do about the discomforts.

Nah, I am not asking you to munch a bar of chocolate! Anyways, let’s understand what really causes period pain. Hormones, extra lining are kicked out resulting in muscle spasm, this condition is termed as Dysmenorrhoea in medical terms.

Take a look at some of the tips that can relieve menstrual cramps and period pain at ease. Read on….

  • Walking, doing mild and gentle exercises are really important even when you are having the monthly cycle.
  • Having a nice hot shower can really soothe your muscles. Using hot water bag around the lower abdomen and lower back can be very beneficial.
  • Try to avoid very tight clothes and belts…..let your belly be easy and relaxed!
  • Wild yam can dose extra hormones. Make sure to incorporate it in your diet during the dreadful four days.
  • Avoid eating red meat and minimize the caffeine consumption as they can make you feel the pain.
  • Instead tea can work wonders for calming and soothing your mind and soul. I would suggest raspberry leaf tea to you all.
  • Lavender oil around your stomach is another way of soothing the pain.
  • Some women can feel wonders with doses of calcium. It is advised to have 600 mg of calcium chewable every day while you are on your period.
  • It is very natural to feel kinda bloated during the menstrual days. This is due to retention of water.
  • Papaya is considered a good option to relieve pain and cramps.
  • Carrot juice and soups can also help combat period pains.
  • Tomato taken in any form can really minimize the eeriness caused by the pain and cramps during menstrual.
  • Aloe Vera mixed with honey can ease the flow of blood. A smooth flow can minimize the pain and cramps.

If you haven’t been period pain before…..monitor it closely! It can be due to some serious problem, consult a doctor. Periods give you a chance to relax and pamper yourself. So be generous to yourself.  🙂

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