Instagram never fails to break the news about any latest trend, be it of beauty or technology. Then how can we remain untouched by the latest trend storming the internet these days? The newest trend these days is- The Mirror Nail Polish. We can’t thank Born Pretty enough for this striking nail polish. So far, we’ve used nail wraps and aluminium foils to get the mirror like finish on our nails, but none of them quiet resemble the real mirror finish. We almost lost hope for the ‘mirrors on our nails’ when born pretty heard our prayers. Nothing can ever compare to this marvellous and flawless mirror finish nail polish.

Mirror Nail PolishImage Source: s-nbcnews

It is somewhat like a clear liquid infused with reflective silver to give the desired effect. It requires several coatings to get the ultimate mirror nails. You’ll forget looking into the real mirror again once you have this nail paint in your hands. well, that’s an overstatement! The same company is also manufacturing ‘Mirrored Powders’ to get the same look. This powder can be used along with a certain nail paint to get the finish. Check out some pictures and decide for yourself whether this new trend is worth the splurge or not!

mirror nail paint2

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