Our body needs calcium on a daily basis, and milk is the best source of calcium ever known. But there are some people who refrain from drinking milk due to fear of gaining weight. Let me tell you, a single glass of milk contains 300mg of Calcium which is sufficient to fulfil your body’s daily calcium needs. Milk is even more nourishing than the juice and the sports drink itself.

How Much Milk You Should Drink to Meet Your Daily Calcium Needs?
According to US Department of Agriculture, children below 9 years of age should drink at least 3 glasses of milk everyday, where 1 glass equals to 250 ml. So if you’ll drink 2 glasses of milk everyday, it will be equal to 500 ml of milk. Drinking two to three glasses of milk will be more than just beneficial for you.

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How Much Health Benefits Can You Get with 1 Glass of Milk?
You can fulfil 30% of your daily calcium needs with one cup of milk everyday. Apart from calcium, milk also contains 25% vitamin D, 24% vitamin B, 20% phosphorus and 11% potassium.

What is the Best Time to Drink Milk?

You can drink milk anytime you feel like.

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How Many Calories Does 1 Glass of Milk Contains?

  •  250 ml of buffalo’s milk: 242 calories
  •  250 ml of cow’s milk: 151 calories
  •  250 ml of skimmed milk: 108 calories

Is Flavoured Milk Good or Bad?

The flavoured milk available in the market these days are loaded with lots of sugar. Too much sugar is harmful to you if you’re trying to lose weight or are suffering from diabetes. You can have protein shakes or fruit smoothies instead of flavoured milk.

How to Increase Your Per Day Milk Intake?

  •  Start your day with a breakfast loaded with proteins and milk
  •  Consume milk as a snack.
  •  Drink a glass of milk after workout sessions.
  •  Drink a glass of milk before going to bed.

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