Many people still raise eyebrows when it comes to period sex. They’re always in a dilemma whether having sex during periods is right or not. So today we’re putting forward you the answers to the biggest sex and intimacy question you have right now. If you also have such questions in your mind, then let me tell you, it is utterly safe to have intercourse during periods.

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Although, every couple is worried about the ill consequences that can be if they have sex during periods. What if we catch an infection? But FYI, there’s nothing like that. Having sex during periods actually have no ill effects, if done properly. In fact, you will be shocked to know that there are many benefits of having sex during this time. So today we’re going to tell you some unknown facts of period sex.

1. You Can Still Get Infections
While having sex during periods have a lot of benefits, but still it makes you prone to getting STD’s as well. The cervix is more open during the period which makes it easier for bacteria to get in.

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2. You Can Still Get Pregnant
This is the most important myth busted. Most of the people have just assumed that they don’t require to use a condom during period sex. Though the chances of getting pregnant are little less. But this doesn’t mean that there are none. Those who have regular menstrual cycle have a little chance of getting pregnant, but those with irregular cycle, the risk is still there.

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3. Period Sex Is Less Painful
Yes, it is true. During this time of the month, a woman’s vagina is more lubricated as compared to her normal days. This makes sex easier. So you don’t need to worry about the pain during periods.

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4. Period Sex Can Ease Out Cramps
Having sex while on your period can ease out your menstrual cramps. The contractions that your uterine muscles go through during orgasms can offer a soothing massage to the uterus.

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5. Easy To Get Orgasm
Most of the women usually don’t reach their orgasm while having sex. But during periods, women are able to reach their orgasm easily. So period sex is pleasurable for both of you.

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