If you’re going to purchase a bra first time or if your size has changed recently, then you don’t need to worry. Never buy a bra according to rough estimation and guesses. You should better do your homework before heading out to the shop. Take right measurements of your bra so that your bra fits well on your breasts.

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This article will tell you how to measure your breast size correctly so that you can purchase the right bra for yourself. It is very important to know your breasts thoroughly because these days there are so many styles of bra available in the market.

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You can go to a shop which has a separate trial room to check the bra size. This way you will be able to know which style and which size is perfectly fitting your bosom. If you feel comfortable in checking your bra size at home itself, then follow the given instructions carefully.

Right Method to Calculate Bra Size
Wrap a measurement tape just below your breast, just like you would do to take the measurement. Add 5 to the number you get on the tape. For example, if you’re getting 27, then add 5 to 27 which gives 32. This means that your bra size is 32.

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Right Way to Measure Cup Size
Now to measure your cup size, wrap the measurement tape on the most curved part of your breast. This is called bust line. Your hands should be rested down while taking the measurement. So you can ask your sister or mother to do the measurement for you. Your bust line will measure more than your chest line. The difference between your chest line and the bust line will tell what your cup size is. If there is a difference of 1 digit, then your cup size is A. If the difference is 2 digits, then your cup size is B and so on.

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What to Keep in Mind While Trying a Bra?
While trying a bra, make sure that the bra isn’t too lose. Only your one finger should be able to slide underneath the band. Not more than that. Tighten the straps to adjust them. wear a tight fitting t-shirt over it. If you see that your breasts are bulging or the cups are puckering, then you’re not wearing the right size.

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Turn to your side and check yourself in the mirror. Your breasts should sit midway. They shouldn’t be hanging or lifted up too much. Choose the bra which fits perfectly when hooked on the outermost hook.

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