The best way to change your entire look without doing a lot to yourself is by changing your hair colour. This is a great way to give yourself a makeover if you love to experiment with your hair. But in order to make your makeover move in the right direction, you must do a thorough research and brainstorming before settling for a hair colour.

Picking up the right hair colour which is the most suitable for you is a little tricky task. You have to keep few points in mind before getting your hair dyed, if you don’t want your hair makeover to turn out a blunder. In this article, we are providing you with some tips and tricks to keep in mind while selecting a hair colour which is apt for you.

1. Pick a hair colour that suits your skin tone:
The most important factor which you must consider before selecting a hair colour is keeping your skin tone in mind. This is so because your skin tone has a very important role in picking out the right hair colour.

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  •  For olive skin tone- People with olive skin tone must opt for dark colours. Lighter colours may appear a bit fake with your dark complexion and will give the appearance of a wig.
  •  For pink undertones- People with pink undertones must avoid using warm reds or blonde shades.
  •  For neutral or pale undertone- People with a neutral or pale undertone may go for almost any hair colour which they fancy. People with neutral undertones look good with light as well as dark hair colours.
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  •  For dark skin tones- Opt for colours which are bright and won’t make you look washed out.
  •  For very pale skin- avoid shades which are too dark such as black and brown as these can make you look even paler and older.
  •  For wheatish skin- Go for deeper shades of reds, dark browns and mud browns. You can also go for colours with golden and orange tones as well, but keep them restricted to just streaks and highlights. Colouring all your hair with orange and golden toned colours may look tacky.

2. Keep in mind the colours that suit you:

This is another way to select the perfect hair colour for yourself. A hair colour has a lot to so with the colours that suit you in person. But while choosing a hair colour you have to be true to yourself without being biased. Here you have to pick out colours which actually suit you and not the ones that you like or are your favourites. You can also ask your friends for help.

  • If colours like olive green, orange, red, rust or glden yellow suit you, then you can opt for warm hair colours such as auburn, golden brown, strawberry blonde and golden blonde.
  •  If colours like teal, charcoal gray or purple look good on you then opt for neutral hair colours such as mahogany, chocolate brown and sand blonde.
  •  If colours such as pine green, black, royal blue or fuchsia suits you best then opt for cool toned colours such as ash brown, ash blonde, platinum or burgundy.

3. Choose a hair colour, based on the jewellery that suits you
Another interesting way to find out the hair colour which suits you perfectly is by knowing the type of jewellery that looks the best on you. The thought that works here is that the jewellery that suits you define your skin tone. And once you know your skin type you can easily decide the hair colour which will suit you.

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  •  If gold jewellery looks better on you, then you have a warm skin tone. For this type of skin tone, warm hair colours such as shades of golden brown, auburn, light brown and strawberry blonde will be the best pick.
  •  If silver jewellery suits you better then you have a cool toned skin and you must opt for cooler hair colours such as jet black, ash brown, burgundy and platinum blonde.
  •  If both, silver and gold jewellery look good on you then you have a neutral skin tone and can go for shades such as brown, mahogany and chocolate.

Additional tips while choosing a hair colour-

  •  Black hair colour- If you have a dark skin tone, then you can go for black or equivalent shades for your hair colour. But make up your mind 100% before deciding on to getting this hair colour because once you get your hair dyed black there is no way of getting a light hair colour without getting them bleached.
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  •  Brown hair colour- If you are aiming for something low maintenance or looking for a minor change in your hair colour then you should opt for the shades of brown. Brown is such a versatile colour that it can suit almost all complexions, all you have to do is find the right shade for yourself.
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  •  Red hair colour- As far as the shades of red are concerned, these too look good on almost all complexions, but the key is to find the right shade for the right complexion. If you have naturally very dark hair, then the red colour may not show up that much. But you can get your dark hair bleached in order to make the colour show up.
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  •  Blonde hair colour- Blonde hair colour does not suit a lot of people so it is better to give it a thorough thought before going blonde. Also going blonde involves bleaching your hair which means your hair will be damaged and you have to take extra care of them. Blonde hair also requires a lot of maintenance and regular touch up, so keep these points in mind before going blonde.
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Always remember that being natural is the finest way to look beautiful. Make sure to avoid the use of chemicals as much as possible. If you decide to get your hair coloured then keep in mind that colour treated hair need a lot of attention and care plus you cannot change your hair colour anytime soon if you get bored.

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