Apart from the fact that we get on our menstrual cycles every month, what bothers us the most if our mood swings, bloating and menstrual. The pain is almost unbearable and not so comforting for our body as well. But there are some natural ways through which you can reduce your pain and cramps.

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Let’s check the following ways through which you can reduce your period cramps naturally and even make them more comfortable & bearable.

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1. Consume More Of Calcium Enriched Food

Foods that are rich in calcium like milk, cheese, spinach, broccoli, nuts, etc. are the best option for you to consume during your menstrual cramps, to ease them and feel relaxed. It also helps to control the food cravings and mood swings.

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2. Switch Junk Food With Healthy Snacks

Junk is harmful to our health in general but is it better if you can completely avoid eating them during periods. Instead, go for healthy snacks in a small amount and eat healthy food items frequently, which will help your body to keep up the metabolism.

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3. Go for Light Exercise Instead Of Heavy Workout Sessions

Avoid putting any pressure on your abdominal area during the periods. Also avoid doing heavy workouts, instead go for light exercises like walking, that will ease the cramps and give you strength as well.

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4. Meditate Your Way Through

Meditation can help control the mood swings and give you strength to tolerate the pain during your periods. It also makes you feel much more relaxed and comforts your periods.

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5. Befriend Your Hot Water Bottle

The most effective and commonly used method of easing the menstrual pain is to put that hot water bottle over your abdomen area and relax for a while. Even a hot water bath will ease the pain as well.

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6. Keep Yourself Well-Hydrated

Water can never be harmful to your health, and drinking a glass of lukewarm water is good especially for reducing the menstrual cramps. Staying well-hydrated is essential for a healthy body and easing periods. You can also consume cucumber, watermelon, berries and lettuce for their high water content.

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7. Essential Oil’s Massage For Relaxing
Massaging your lower abdomen area with an essential oil (preferably of your choice) will ease the pain and cramps. Massaging on some specific points of your back, side and lower abdomen is always beneficial.

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8. Say No To Smoking & Alcohol
Consuming alcohol and smoking cigarette during your periods might trigger the PMS symptoms, which only makes you feel dehydrated and depressed.

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Even though you do everything to relieve and comfort your periods, staying calm and relaxed is important too.

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